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Issue Background

Human-Serving Nonprofit Sector

The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is committed to raising awareness of the importance of a healthy, thriving nonprofit human-serving sector. We are doing this by educating key stakeholders and the general public about the critical role of nonprofits and the barriers that these organizations face in trying to achieve long-term financial sustainability while meeting the growing needs of the communities they serve.

Throughout history nonprofit human-serving organizations have made a significant difference in improving and transforming communities. Even today, many human-serving organizations are the backbone of their communities yet far too many of these organizations are chronically under sourced and facing challenges related to long-term financial stability.  

Through our member network, we are bringing awareness to these issues and pushing for policies and regulatory actions that support nonprofit human-serving organizations’ abilities to continue to operate and achieve the vision of a stronger society for all.

Our issues of focus include:

  • Tax credits

  • Indirect rates

  • Government grants and contracts

  • Executive compensation

  • Charitable contributions

  • Social impact funding

  • State nonprofit tax credits