Giving100 Tax Day Campaign – April 18, 2017

2017-04-13 | Giving100

Giving100 Tax Day Campaign – April 18, 2017

The Purpose: Tax Day is the perfect opportunity to better inform your networks about why expanding the charitable deduction to 100% of American taxpayers is important for your organization and the country itself. The Giving100 animated video explains quickly explains the issue in under two minutes.

The Ask: On Tuesday, April 18, we want to magnify that message in a big way while driving engagement for your brand and your social channels.

  1. Please share at least two messages – on Facebook and/or Twitter – and include the hashtag #Giving100. Customizable sample messages follow below. Just pick the ones you like best, add your own social handles, and post throughout the day on April 18.
  2. This will take less than 10 minutes of your time, but its impact will be tremendous.


Sample Facebook Messages

  • This Tax Day, 70% Americans won’t be able to deduct their gifts to [your organization’s name] from their taxes. If you don’t itemize on your taxes, odds are you’re one of those Americans whose gifts go unrecognized by the current tax law. Learn why every gift matters and share this video if you think all gifts should be deductible by Tax Day 2018. #Giving100 #TaxDay
  • We believe that 100% of donors should be able to claim the charitable deduction on their gifts to [your organization’s name]. If you agree, show your support for a universal charitable deduction by sharing this video. #Giving100 #TaxDay
  • The 1.5 million nonprofits and charities that work every day to improve lives rely heavily on small donations from everyday Americans. Many of [your organization’s name] donors won’t be able to claim a deduction for their 2016 gifts. If you believe all [your organization’s name] donors should have access to the charitable deduction by this time next year, share this video. #Giving100 #TaxDay


  • 70% of our donors won't get to deduct their gifts to [@handle] this #TaxDay. Learn why at #Giving100
  • All your gifts to [@handle] could be deductible by #TaxDay 2018. Watch & share this short video to find out how. #Giving100
  • Should all gifts to [@handle] be deductible by #TaxDay 2018? We think so! Learn why at #Giving100
  • Tax code should encourage more giving to [@handle] by #TaxDay 2018. Learn how & RT if you agree! #Giving100
  • U.S. tax law should recognize all gifts to [@handle] by #TaxDay 2018. RT if you agree. #Giving100